Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The turtles and ponds on the road to citizenship…

Last week I spent as much time in my art studio making art as I could. A few times my mind jumped back to the brain project and what I had to complete that day, only to remember quickly that I was done! As I mentioned last week, I first had to reclaim my space. My boys and their friends do a lot of projects in my studio. Their materials had spilled way over into my usual space. Things just got dumped and dumped again. When my space was organized I first wove the background to a turtle piece that I’ve been envisioning. It speaks to how I’ve been feeling as the seasons change—I’m ready to stick my head out from inside my shell. All around me the spring creatures are crawling, flying and hopping, making the world seem more alive. I did a dimensional crochet to build up the ground so that it now sticks forward about six inches. That’s the surface upon which the turtle will eventually sit, peeking out from under a canopy of ash leaves. I have a soft spot for ash trees right now because of the damage they are suffering across the Midwest at the teeth of the emerald ash borer. I will eventually attach the compound leaves to the weaving to shelter my turtle, which I’ve decided will be an ornate box turtle. The pattern on their shells is quite variable, which gives me a lot of flexibility to create a design that is both satisfying to me and true to nature. Fortunately for me, the boys have had several basketball adventures to local parks to play, in between taekwondo and hip-hop classes, so I’ve had plenty of time to sit and poke at my turtle.

Working on my turtle also led me into thoughts about ponds and the life that springs up around them in the spring. I pulled out my spring yellow yarns and started working on the background for a piece I want to call Sunrise at Goose pond. I don’t know why, exactly, it just felt like the right name. I want to capture the marshy wetness, the vibrant green colors and the deep, rich almost black mud with grasses growing out of it. In the distance will be the beginnings of a sunrise, with a bright yellowness cracking open the dark night sky.

Friday was a big day for me. I went to bed early to get a good night’s sleep, skipped my Zumba class to feel well rested, and drove north to Indianapolis with Jim. I had my official interview for citizenship, complete with a US civics test. I was armed with all sorts of useful knowledge about the US government, my state representatives, the Supreme Court and the Constitution. I’m delighted to report that not only did I get a perfect score on the test, my friendly examiner just stopped asking questions when I had enough to pass the test and thanked me for studying! He recommended me for approval after about fifteen minutes. All that stands between me and voting is final approval and taking the oath in a month or two. I just can’t wear jeans or flip-flops—I think I can manage that. I also learned this morning that when you pass your citizenship test you get a pie! It’s peach! If I had known that I would have applied years ago!

Until next week…

Martina Celerin


  1. Great to chat with you today, in the nice sunshine! Incidentally, where do you take Zumba? I teach a couple Z classes at the Y. :)

  2. Great to talk with you too! I do Zumba up at Windfall at 6:30am every week day morning - I love it!!