Sunday, July 29, 2012

Home from Michigan…

We returned late last night from a weeklong adventure in Michigan visiting with family.  It was a bit of a family reunion, which means Grandma had a full house.  Jim’s brother Tim, his daughter Haley, and her husband Kris were in town for the week.  The boys didn’t remember Haley well and hadn’t met Kris, but the boys took to them right away.  They taught Kris how to play Yu-gi-oh and he taught them how to play blackjack using chocolate coins from St. Laurent Brothers in Bay City.  Jim, Kris and Tommie went fishing one afternoon and ended up getting soaked, but no one seemed to care.  They came back with plenty of stories and a few rock bass.   
Of course when I went out on the bay before the rains came I was able to bring back dinner.  We were doing a lot of fishing and not a lot of catching, so I used my handy iphone to check the fishing reports.  I used the intelligence to direct Jim and the Lila Mae to the hot spot where I promptly caught two dandy walleyes that made a fine dinner.  When the whole family had arrived we had a big fish fry using a bunch of walleyes we had caught in June and frozen (I do remember catching most of those fish too, now that I think about it).  I’m getting pretty good at this fishing thing!  

On our way to Michigan, with relatives from New Mexico on the way, we thought it would be nice to stop in to the farmer’s market and pick up some Midwestern gold to share with our relatives.  That meant corn on the cob and local peaches, which Jim translated into a delightful pie.  He was listening!  Along the way I got a call from Tom my photographer and frame-maker, who couldn’t get oak for frames that were straight enough to satisfy him.  We were able to stop in to Sequin Lumber in Bay City and pick up a bunch of straight, cut-to-order red oak that was kiln dried, so Tom should be back in business soon.  I look out for all my peeps! 

With some time to reflect after the trip, it seems to me that lately my trips are defined by the vegetables I make along the way.  On the way to Madison I made mushrooms; coming home I made carrots.  On the way to Michigan I made cucumber slices, while on the return trip I made onions.  I was intent on completing a piece called ‘Eat your Veggies’ that I want to take to Minneapolis for the Loring Park Art Fair this coming weekend.   
That meant I spent a lot of time in Michigan poking veggies as well, making sliced tomatoes (with seeds) and some snow peas.  I laid out the veggies I had one the piece and it’s clear I’m really close—I really just need one and a half more onions and I’ll be there.  I’ve posted the near-complete piece so you can see how it’s coming together.  The good news is that I have a couple of taekwondo classes this week where I’ll have a chance to finish poking and finish up the work.  I just hope Minneapolisonians like their veggies! 

Until next week…

Martina Celerin

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