Sunday, March 17, 2019

Spring flowers are blooming!

At least they are blooming in my art studio, along with butterflies fluttering.  In my mind, spring is in full swing!  I’m steaming up on a real deadline with an exhibit scheduled to hang on March 26th at the BPP.  This will be the first showing of my migration series called “Migration:  where have you been and what have you seen?”  I’m currently finishing pieces that have been in progress for some time.  The latest example is my ‘Monarchs in Transit’ piece.  I actually started the weaving four or five months ago and I’ve been slowly accumulating components since then.  Last week I assembled the first of the flower heads, and yesterday it all came together.  I’m quite fond of the monarch heads with embellished guitar strings for antennae.  I put a tiny drop of hot glue on each antenna tip and painted them matte black to create the effect I wanted.  I first bent the strings into a ‘V’ shape to embedded the structure in the head to anchor it.  I especially like the magical monarch that’s flying above the flowers looking for a place to land. 

I kept art progress moving forward this past week when we visited Grandma in the cold of Michigan for spring break.  The weather really wasn’t that bad and we did a lot of hanging out as a family.  We had an unexpected visit from Kathy Rulli, Jim’s cousin —it was great to catch up with her.  I spent a lot of time stretching out weavings into frames for the BPP show, although I’m also trying to finish a few other pieces before I head down to Mississippi to do the Ridgeland Arts Festival in early April.  I’m excited because this is a new venue for me and I get to visit with more cousins - Marth and Dave in Madison.  With two shows on the horizon I won’t be able to get to the garden for a while, because as soon as I return from the Mississippi show I’ll travel to Chicago for a long weekend with the Sounds of South group.  After that I’m definitely going to stick my fingers in the dirt!

As soon as we got back from Michigan I went full force in the art studio.  After completing the monarch piece I’m hurrying to complete a piece called ‘Thinking about Fishing’.  Jim is a wreck over the winter when he can’t get out fishing, so he spends a lot of time thinking and planning for the time he can get back on the water.  January and February are the hardest months for him, and this cold, wet March set back his mental calendar.  I can tell he’s ready to go when he drives out to the lake to check out the water color and level.  On Friday he saw a great blue heron waiting for spring fishing too, which matches the bird I’m creating for my piece.  My heron will be examining the water and deciding which fish or amphibian would make the nicest lunch. 

My family timeline is heating up too, which includes a drive planned for Friday to Oberlin to pick up Tommie for his spring break.  It was a little sad not to have my little pumpkin along for our spring break for the first time.  I miss him, but it sounds like he’s doing well and having a wonderful time—he’s right where he needs to be.  Cubba just gets twice as many hugs and kisses and it doesn’t seem to bother him.  And Grandma baked me a pie!  I didn’t get a picture, but it was a mixed berry peach pie, and it was tasty!  I had a slice each day I was in Michigan.  Now the countdown begins in Bloomington!

Until next week,

Martina Celerin

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