Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pie, brains and Shakespeare

My week started out on a high note—Jim baked me an apple pie! Who knew! It was really good, too. There’s nothing better than a fresh slice of pie to go with my morning espresso after an hour of Zumba in the morning. The Mutsu apples freeze nicely, so it’s on my summer list to make sure Jim freezes lots of them when he’s done with peaches. The even better news is that I’ll probably get another pie next week when we see Jim’s mom. We bought her a beautiful red deep-dish pie plate for Christmas and she’s planning on a rhubarb pie.

Most of my art week efforts were focused on my brain project. I’ve been gluing lots of dark objects on the depressive side of my brain to showcase facets of the disease. I’ve got clocks that stand still while you’re depressed, black roses and birds, and black pill bottles, all spray-painted black on the veranda. I made a trip to the Recycle Center to pick up black wine corks and beer caps to connect the abuse of alcohol with depression. To balance my efforts on the dark side I’ve been needle felting giant butterflies to float over my flowers on the euphoric side. I also began creating the giant vines that will be growing from the euphoric side to the depressive side by wrapping bailing wire with green yarn that will eventually transition to black. The giant green tendrils have engulfed my art studio and me—it’s a little out of control. The last major project has been to assemble the superstructures that will elevate the butterflies and other objects above the brain surface. I’ve been drilling holes in the brain to embed steel rods that are secured by bolting them at the inner and outer surfaces. I managed to secure some spring steel rods, thanks to Poynter Sheet Metal, to attach the butterflies. I’m excited about using the rods because it will give them a little bounce and movement.

I’ve also had a busy family and social calendar this weekend. Friday night we went to watch a black belt test at Monroe County Martial Arts. The boys have trained with Phoebe, the youngest girl ever to receive a black belt there, for as long as they have trained. She did an awesome job with all her kicks and techniques, and when it came to the grueling sparring rounds at the end, she still had enough left over to get in some kicks to the head of her black belt sparring partners. After a busy Saturday we went to see a production of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, put on by the IU theater department. I’ve seen the conventional version so many times, but this version promised to be lighter and more accessible. I persuaded my family that it would be fun, so off we all went. Puck was played by a woman, which was something new for me. She did such a fabulous job that it quickly erased my stereotype for the role and gave a whole new flavor to the performance. All of the characters were so vibrant and well developed that the story just came to life. I just love the Shakespearian English. The dialogue is at once powerful, colorful and poetic, evoking such vivid images. It was just an amazing performance, and everyone enjoyed the night out.

Until next week…

Martina Celerin

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